Student Retreats



Each year we have a Fall Student Retreat and a Spring Student Retreat. It is a great way to get away from the craziness of Cal for a weekend, to bond with other students and with our God, allowing us to grow in deeper holiness, deeper peace, and deeper joy. The retreats are heavily subsidized by the parish so no one should not come because of cost. There are even scholarships if the subsidized fee is still too much.

When students reflect upon their time in college, one of the most common reflections is how powerful retreats were for them - to build fabulous, lifelong friendships, to grow in a deeper and more mature sense of faith, to grow as a person, and to have tremendous fun. Make sure not to miss out on these grace-filled moments.

For our past retreats check out Fall Student Retreats and Spring Student Retreats.

We also begin the year for new and transfer students with a New and Transfer Student Retreat on Friday, September 13 at 6:30pm.

Keep an eye out our upcoming retreats.

This year’s Fall Student Retreat will be on October 25-27, 2019.
This year’s Spring Student Retreat will be on March 6-8, 2020.