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Rosary Group is a community of people who gather together in prayer and their love for Mother Mary.  As we pray the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary we deepen our faith and pray for a stream of various intentions each week.  Everyone is welcome to Rosary Group-students, professionals, Catholics, non-Catholics, familiar faces, or strangers.  Anyone with an interest in experiencing such a beautiful and powerful way of prayer is welcome to join.


If you have any intentions you’d like us to include in our prayer, please post them on our Newman Rosary Group Facebook page.  If you do not have a Facebook, or would prefer to maintain anonymity, please email us your intentions at

We pray for the week’s intentions every Wednesday.  People may also pray individually for the intentions that are public on our Facebook page.

When: Tuesdays at 7:00pm

Where:  Gallery

Send us your comments or questions: