We have a Catholic duty to have a preferential option for the poor and one of the greatest poor today are refugees and those fleeing oppression to seek safety and shelter and a decent living.  Our local ordinary, Bishop Michael Barber, SJ,  is a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform for our country so we can better live up to our Christian values.  And in this age of fear of the outsider, he reminds us we are all brothers and sisters with the Blessed Virgin Mary as our protectress and mother.  He has asked our diocesan parishes and offices to do what we can to protect our most vulnerable brothers and sisters at this time.  Please read the attach article to learn about some of the things he is promoting to address this most important issue.

Every once in a while, you can catch our bishop at People's Park with JC Orton and his volunteers (many of them are Newman parishioners) serving breakfast early Sunday morning.  He is truly walking in the footsteps of his Jesuit brother, Pope Francis.