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A new Renewal Program
for all Parishioners

Have you encountered Jesus Christ? 
Do you feel you are His follower, His disciple?

A new program, starting in Lent, called The Journey will help you answer “yes” to those questions.  Here are key points to consider:

  • Lasts six weeks long

  • Helps us gather in groups for powerful experiences of prayer
    and sharing
    once a week

  • ·Brings us into contact with the Scriptures

  • Leads to growth in our faith

  • Helps us experience Jesus and his way of life more personally

  • Gives us a way to invite our friends and neighbors

  • Provides a booklet for daily reflection

  • Offers Weekly Reflection

We are all excited by this opportunity. 
For more information, click on The Journey

Please sign up online or in the lobby,
for one of the great experiences in your faith life.
It also ensures we order enough material for everyone.

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We currently have three existing groups, you can join: 

Permanent parishioner & student groups:

Wednesday 7:30pm – Catholicism WOW

Thursday 7:00pm – Emmaus

Student groups:

Friday 7:30pm – SEEKERS

More groups will arise as interest expands