Who is the Dance Ministry for?

It is for members who want to practice liturgical dance as a form of prayer and service, as well as for the spiritual nourishment of Newman worshippers through an art form that embodies their prayers and lifts their hearts.

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When does the Dance Ministry meet? What do they do?

The Dance Ministry meets primarily to rehearse dances for major feast days and special occasions in the church calendar. This typically involves a commitment of 3 or 4 sessions of preparation, as well as participation in the liturgy. Each session includes a gentle warm-up, and engagement with the material according to the dancer’s level of training. All ages are welcome. From time to time an open workshop on the spirituality of dance as a liturgical/meditative practice is offered. We would like to see this ministry expand, and welcomes new members and visions.


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“Liturgical dance is prayer. We as dancers, from all different backgrounds and ability levels, represent the worshipping community of believers. Like lectors who break open the Word aurally, we do that visually, so that all may “see” the Word as well as hear it proclaimed.” -Chris D.
“I find myself humbled, surprised, and in awe by the mysterious and deepening relationship that liturgical dance invites and opens within us—even without our knowing.”  -Kristin B.