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What do Lector Ministers do? When are Lectors required to meet?

The lector is one who proclaims the scriptures at mass. While often referred to as a “reader”, the lector is so much more than this. Truly, the lector is proclaimer and prophet in ministry to the community assembled. For the reader merely recites words for the ear, but through a proclaimer the words come alive as God’s message to the heart. That is, words become the Word.

As a lector, you are not exalted at mass, but rather humbly serve this role and then blend back into oneness with the community. God calls you, precisely as you are, at this point in your life, to reach out to those assembled, precisely as they are, now. In this way, even though each passage has been read through Church history thousands upon thousands of times, each proclamation is yet completely new, and unique.

New Lector Orientation Workshops twice a year, generally in early November and in early February (keep a lookout in the bulletin and on the site for dates). We ask that those who are new to the ministry at Newman attend both nights of the 2-night workshop to become regular lectors, regardless of previous lectoring experience. Feel free to use the workshop to “check it out” and discern your calling without obligation to join.


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