The Newman Emmaus Group meets every Thursday 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. in the Seminar Room and all are welcome.

We read the lectionary readings for the upcoming Sunday: the Old Testament, the Epistle, the Gospel, and sometimes the Psalm.  We read, ponder and share our reflections thoughtfully about how the scriptures speak to us and affect our faith journeys and the events of our lives.

We are not a Bible Study Group, although some of us do, at times, consult commentaries and background readings.  We are not a prayer group, although we begin and end with a a prayer and sometimes achieve a prayerful atmosphere.  We also have some lively discussions and some rollicking laughter.  Faith-sharing in community, based on the scriptures, might be the most adequate description of what we do.

We rotate the leader/facilitator role and each person brings his or her own emphasis and tone to the group.  It is not necessary to lead if one prefers not to, and if one does facilitate, one is free to adopt any style he or she chooses.  Some bring a cloth, a candle, bread, an icon, music, etc.  But all that is really needed are the readings and each other.

Attendance is strictly drop-in, come when you can.  The group provides a preview and meditation on the readings for the upcoming Sunday mass and many find an enhanced appreciation for the Liturgy of the Word in our Sunday celebration.  We follow the church in Her seasons, feasts and fasts and Ordinary time.

Our name is derived from Luke 24:13-35, the Encounter of the Risen Jesus with Two Disciples on the road to Emmaus when He “opened their minds to understand the scriptures” and their “hearts burned within them,” and “He was made known to them in the Breaking of the Bread.”  We do at times, not always, catch a glimpse of this experience.