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50th Anniversary Finger Food Ideas

·      Roasted vegetables - squash, Brussels sprouts, potatoes on toothpicks

·      Sausages with mustard sauce on toothpicks

·      Tortellini and vegetables or cheese on toothpicks

·      Barbecued chicken or beef or lamb cubed on sticks

·      Grilled fish on sticks

·      Meatballs or chicken sausages

·      Small sandwiches (quartered)

·      Chips and dips ( guacamole )

·      Smoked salmon dip and crostini or pita chips

·      Shrimp and sweet potato cakes

Please put 30-40 pieces on a platter ready to serve and deliver to Newman by 5pm Mass, Sept. 30th.

Please RSVP on the website or sign up at the table out front to let us know that you'll be bringing a platter of food.

Call or text Colette if you have
additional questions. 510-823-5735