Donuts & Doubt

Have something you're curious about or something that may be keeping you away from growing in your faith?  Come ask questions anonymously or in person to a panel of a priest, a missionary, and a layperson.  There will also be donuts, coffee, and tea!!  Wednesday, April 26th in the Hecker Room at 7pm.

Senior Dinner

All students graduating this semester or this past Fall are invited to a Senior Dinner.  We are so honored and proud of your accomplishments that it is worth celebrating.  Being Catholics, we are the experts on celebrating, always celebrating every Sunday.  In fact, we celebrate every day because there is always a reason to thank God for the blessings.  And being Catholic, following the example of our Lord, our celebrations generally always include food.

Come to a Senior Dinner this Friday, April 28th at 7pm.  Please let us know that you are coming so we can make sure to have enough food.  Unlike Jesus, we have to run off to Safeway we run out of food.  Register with the follow Google Form.

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

We want to say THANKS to the army of volunteers who make Newman Hall happen.
Did you volunteer your time as a sacristan? Student Ministry Team? Did you help resettle our refugee family? Serve guests during a Loaves & Fishes dinner? Educate a child (Faith Formation) or an adult (RCIA)?

All volunteers: The Newman Staff and the Parish Council want to express our deep gratitude for your service by serving YOU. Join us for breakfast after the 7:30am and 10am Masses. Please RSVP so we know how many to cook for, but do come even if you don’t RSVP.  But if you can, send in your name (and how many in your party) to by April 26. 

And of course, thank you.

2017 Berkeley Crop Hunger Walk

2017 Berkeley Hunger Walk

April 30 at 1pm
Starting at St. Mary Magdalen - 2005 Berryman

Come walk and witness against hunger locally and globally in our world.  This community-wide event is sponsored by Church World Service and organized by local congregations or groups to raise funds to end hunger at home and around the world.

Hunger is one of the greatest injustices facing our world, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Ending hunger is possible, and it is possible in our lifetime. You can help make it happen.

For nearly half a century, CROP Hunger Walks have ensured that more people worldwide have access to nutritious, sustainable food sources. From combating droughts in Nicaragua to providing agricultural training in Indonesia to stocking shelves in hundreds of food pantries across the United States, CROP Hunger Walks help end hunger by raising funds to support local food programs and the international anti-hunger work of Church World Service.

Stand with neighbors in your community who rely on food assistance programs. Partner with parents worldwide as they ensure a bright future for their children. Support those struggling in the face of grinding poverty and open up new doors of opportunity for them.

Tens of thousands of CROP Hunger Walkers are committed to building a hunger-free world. Join the movement!

Study Hall

Being Catholic means we are communal.  Community is an important value.  Just as we pray at Mass, "Look not on our sins, but on the faith of your Church", we find it helps to do things together.  The strength of the community helps us when we are weak and when we are strong, we help others who are struggling.  

So now is a great time to study together for finals or writing final papers, to be inspired by each other and have others for those brief moments of joyful breaks from studying.  We will provide snacks, tea, and coffee, besides study space and WiFi.

Newman Study Hall is open Wednesday, May 3 to Tuesday, May 9 from 7pm to 1am.  After 9pm, enter through the upstairs patio.

Eucharistic Ministry Training

We are always in need of Eucharistic Ministers at all our Masses.  This is a wonderful ministry of service to help feed our community with the precious Body and Blood of our Lord.  What greater gift can we give to others than the sacrament of forgiveness and salvation. 

New Eucharistic Ministers Training will happen after the the 10am Mass on May 7th.  Applications are available on the the table in the lobby.  Please bring one with you when you come.  Questions can be directed to Carol Wells at 650-438-3138.

Baccalaureate Mass

All students graduating this semester or last are invited to our Baccalaureate Mass.  We can never get enough blessings, especially as you step into a future beyond CAL.  Come give thanks to God and to pray for a bright future guided by God's Holy Spirit. 

Please fill out our Google Form to register

Newman Forum: Holy Mud

Newman Forum

Holy Mud

Dan Cawthon

TBD - sometime in the Fall 2017
Sun, 11:15am-12:15pm
in the Hecker Room

As we celebrate our 50th year on the south side, come hear about Newman’s unique art and architecture from a spiritual perspective. Parishioner Dan Cawthon will present “HOLY MUD” – drawing on the biblical image of God forming Adam from the soil of the earth. The dust from which we are made – and which constitutes part of our very building – is alive with the Spirit of God. Newman’s sacred space reminds us that the earth forms us as spiritual beings. Mud is our spiritual home! For more info contact Deborah Tatto.